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Art Photographer

I am a photographer/ curator with a passion to create. My work involves digital manipulation exploring the subconscious and the notion of reality's/dimensions. This website showcases my updated photography portfolio. 

I have a strong interest in making people think. Creating something which will cause the viewer to pause, and perhaps invent a new meaning to put alongside my work, thus interpreting the view that everything is subjective. This notion fascinates me.

I aim to challenge things, to push boundaries, to create something new. I enjoy making common things appear alienated and questionable, challenging your sight sense to form something identifiable. I like producing moments (with conceptual ideas, most likely inspired by society, philosophy and art history) which make you question the moment you are in. I would like my audience to think of the possibilities and potential of our every day reality. To think about our physical interaction with the material world, to question what forms an experience, how is this then personal to our individual minds, how do we then experience it, and then why do we place it into a moment of time in our shared reality. 

I am curious of the shear nature of photography giving us a sense of false consciousness. A mechanical reproduction that depicts reality exactly as is it? No, the camera challenges reality, it challenges experience, it can alter our view in the smallest or largest ways having the power to deceive reality’s experience. A photo can also be planed, choreographed, curated, selected form multiple images, thus giving photography the power to lie when we least expect it. But it also enables us to realize the possibilities of the world around us, it allows us to see parts of reality that are beyond human perception. 

With my work I want to use the deceiving abilities of a lens and the power I have as a curator to capture moments of reality which are not really this reality at all. I want to render these ideas of optical unconsciousness to capture elements within my images that are defamiliarized and new. I am trying to generate small moments that our eyes cannot see without the aid of a lens or camera. 


My aim is to try and capture my mind, the moments and creations it thinks up. To put them on paper, or a screen so they have the potential to be shared by many and spark thought on the world around us.


To get in touch, discuss potential shoots or just have a chinwag you can contact me through my info bellow. 

Featured Work

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Utopia Magazine (FFS)

Strange Brew Exhibition: Everything Was Awesome 

Communique Magazine 

Croft Magazine 

Pi3c3 of Art 

395 Exhibition: Sanity of Self Exhibition 

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